Lost Person Notice in Volgograd by one Hisham from Jordan

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Volgotimes.com recently received an email from one Hisham from Jordan, apparently trying to find his long lost relative.

Photo credit: QXZ

Here is the message sent by Hisham verbatim:

Dear Sir I am from Jordan . I am looking for my nephew in VOLGOGRAD and I will be grateful to anybody who can help me to establish contact with him . His name is ” Samir mohammad alhodalli ” . I have the old telephone number for his russian mother Elena in VOLGOGRAD . It is ( 8422-353698 ). Elina full name is Elena Paresovna Tronoviscya . He is 21 years old now His mother “Elina” was living with her mother Laura in Volgograd before she get married to my brother and came to Jordan in 1989 with him.; after my brother passed away in 1992 ,she left Jordan with my nephew ” Samir” to Volgograd and since that time we didn’t hear about them. My mobile number ” 00962-799035539 ‘ and my home phone number “00962-6-4889939 ” “Samir” . . I am worried about him and want to help him financially to continue his education. Best Regards Hisham Alhoudalli Amman-Jordan Mobile : +962-799035539

Hisham seems like a sincere man who would like to fulfill his obligations to his brother by looking out for the extended family member (especially the young nephew). Anyone who has the information to help Hisham locate Samir can contact him through the contact number listed above or email him at hisham241 @ yahoo . com

We hope Hisham can be reunited with his sister-in-law and nephew.

To Hisham, if you are able to relocate your relatives, we certainly would like to hear about it too! Best of luck and may god bless your honorable intention.

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