The Volgograd Times is a collaborative site for all former and present Malaysian students of Volgograd State Medical University and their closest families and friends.

The Volgograd Times did not just appear out of thin air. It is the brainchild of blackie and flowerhorn (site administrators and founders). Time, money and efforts have been invested to get the site up and running.

What we hope to achieve?

If you have been a student studying abroad or have close relatives who are in similar situations, surely you would understand the feelings of being “alone” and helpless. The Malaysian students in Volgograd may not have been literally alone but sometimes they do feel disconnected and aimless.

Thus we strive to bring everyone closer together. It is hoped that through this site, fellow students, their families and friends will have a platform to interact, communicate with one another and initiate or improve cordial relationships.

Besides that, students and visitors could contribute to the site during their free time. We feel that writing and expressing one’s ideas are beneficial pastimes and hobbies. Writing is relaxing and refreshing and to have one’s work appreciated feels even better, ask any of our frequent contributors and we are sure that you will get a very positive answer regarding this. We welcome all original articles which you feel are of interest to our audience (to get an idea, please see what categories we have here).

Future Plans

We are pretty ambitious lots, so we definitely do not wish to only run an active blog, we also hope to implement the following services and features to our site in the near future:

  • Forum + Members’ Individual Blogs! (Essential)
  • Social networking & photo sharing (our own MySpace, Facebook or Friendster for veterans, LOL!)
  • Free Flash Games
  • Our very own Wiki pages (may not materialize at all)

Follow our progress

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