Are you a guy who wears skinny jeans ? »

Are you a guy who wears skinny jeans ?

A sight of women wearing skinny jeans on the streets is nothing new as the now ubiquitous trend is resurrected best college essays back since 2005. The most well-known celebrity who was in part responsible to bring the hype back to life  is none other than Kate Moss. Since then the trend seems to stay […]

Vest, Ol’ school? »

Vest, Ol’ school?

Ol’ school fashion is indeed making its way back into the fashion industry of today. If u can recall, the checks, the fedoras, the VEST!!! Yes, VEST s are indeed becoming one of the most popular ‘items’ these days. The term vest derives from French veste, Italian vesta, veste “robe, gown”, Latin vest is “to […]

What "suits" a guy? »

What "suits" a guy?

So i was told that guys should not be ecxluded in the matter of fashion updates…hence this is how the topic of “how to wear a tux” came about. When it comes to dressing up, most guys opt for a traditional costume or the usual slacks-n-shirt look. canadian pharmacy Most of them do not go […]

Shooties : the shoe booties »

Shooties : the shoe booties

The latest craze this fall are shooties! The shooties are ankle boots that look like your regular shoes – in short, boots that are low cut. These styles work well with skinny jeans or pants and can add a hint of toughness to your favourite dress! Its a shoe that you can wear whether warm […]

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