Emo and Goths »

Emo and Goths

A friend of mine just told me that Goths are extreme Emos. SHOCKING, ain’t it? Let me clear this out: The Goth fashion in one phrase is Morticia Adams. Black hair, pale skin ~ though not necessary, black eyeliners, black nails. The dressing style is highly inspired by the Elizabethan and Victorian fashion, spefically black in […]

Smoke and lose 10 years »

Smoke and lose 10 years

Most of us medical students know that smoking is bad for health, causes COPD, Buerger’s disease, and a lot more. We are known to the fact that smoking does shorten our life expectancy, but, for how long?? A Finnish study in Archives of Internal Medicine shows that some 1600 men born between 1919 and 1934 […]

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