Precious Future Doctors’ Conversation »

Precious Future Doctors’ Conversation

This is absolutely *precious*. Presenting future doctors’ conversation… A picture paints a 1000 words. LOL! Join us for fun and more interesting activities on The Volgograd Times (TVT) Facebook Group here: Photo credit for preview thumbnail (from Flickr):

The Nipah Virus »

The Nipah Virus

A summary from an article featured in The article is about Professor Chua Kaw Bing of Universiti Malaya and his journey of discovering the Nipah virus in Malaysia, which had an outbreak during 1998 in malaysia causing 265 cases of encephalitis and 105 deaths within 8 months. The first outbreak of this virus happened […]

Gardasil »


The second highest leading cause of death from cancer amongst Malaysian Women, and worldwide, is CERVICAL CANCER, first being Breast Cancer. Cervical cancer, as the name implies, is the cancer of the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Cervical cancer is caused by certain high-risk type of […]

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