Amateur Transplants – Unfit to practise »

Amateur Transplants – Unfit to practise

No, this is not talking about unfit HO or graduates who couldn’t practise (but partly about it). Amateur Transplants is out with their new album! ‘Unfit to practise’. If you all are aware with their previous hits like Eternal Clerking, London Underground and Final countdowns, remember to listen to their new album! This time, most […]

Happily Usher in Year 2009 »

Happily Usher in Year 2009

Photo source: First of all, sorry for the lack of the update. Some of us could not access Volgotimes at all while others were experiencing crawling speed while loading the site about 10 days ago. Then, Volgotimes was hosted in a Malaysian server, and I am not entirely sure but I suspect it has […]

Butterfingers’ Back! »

Butterfingers’ Back!

“Selamat datang… ke masa depan.” Yessirree, Butterfingers are back and they came with a vengeance! Debunking all the conspiracy theories behind the name of their last album, the lads churned out another, and some say by far the best, aptly-named malay album, Kembali. Though in the opening track Emmett welcomed us to the future, the […]

Not so Pretty. Odd. »

Not so Pretty. Odd.

Let me be honest with you. Before I heard this album, I only know Panic at the Disco as a conversational piece. You know when people say, “Eh, You heard the new Panic at the Disco song? Damn cool la!” And you go, “Yes meh?” or “Ya ya ya!” when you actually heard the PatD […]

Jim Croce: The Ugliest Man with The Prettiest Voice »

Jim Croce: The Ugliest Man with The Prettiest Voice

That was how my Dad described him and truth be told, it perfectly fits him. I’ve known his Time in a Bottle and Operator for the longest time but unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the lyrics to google and didn’t know what his name was. Then, came the last day of summer ’08 when my father […]

Hot band: Avenged Sevenfold »

Hot band: Avenged Sevenfold

Wawan told me that I got to write about this band if I’m ever starting this Music column. buy discount cialis Well, so here it is! write stories online The first band ever to be featured in TVT. The first time I heard of this band is from the new Need For Speed game (which […]

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