What is Melamine? »

What is Melamine?

The issue of Melamine tainted milk from China had been up for some time but I was surprised by the fact that not many medical students know it and there are even more that simply do not care or mind to find out. Here is a small article on the basic knowledge of Melamine and […]

Gardasil »


The second highest leading cause of death from cancer amongst Malaysian Women, and worldwide, is CERVICAL CANCER, first being Breast Cancer. Cervical cancer, as the name implies, is the cancer of the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Cervical cancer is caused by certain high-risk type of […]

Smoke and lose 10 years »

Smoke and lose 10 years

Most of us medical students know that smoking is bad for health, causes COPD, Buerger’s disease, and a lot more. We are known to the fact that smoking does shorten our life expectancy, but, for how long?? A Finnish study in Archives of Internal Medicine shows that some 1600 men born between 1919 and 1934 […]

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